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How to successfully reduce food waste in pre-school?

Here are Few Tips that will help prevent food waste in Pre-schools.

Kids are keen and excited to learn about new stuff. Include them in the process & show how to scale food waste.

Analyze food loss and what kind of food is mostly discarded in your pre-school.

Educate them for lesson food waste. Plan workshops and talk about childrens’ food favorites.

Simplified recipes and educate kids on how to create a shopping list. It’s the primary step to set good grocery-shopping habits early.

TotalCtrl has come up with a solution that reduces the time spent on food management and helps to cut costs and reduce food waste.

Through our digital tool TotalCtrl Inventory, you can notice a real variation in the time spent on stocktaking and you can finally focus on the children — because they are the most important ones in Pre-school😉

5 tips you can adopt to prevent food waste:

✔️Purchase only what is needed.
✔️Eat what you buy.
✔️Keep food fresh.
✔️Don’t toss food before it spoils.
✔️Avoid the trash.

Let us know if you have any excellent ideas.

Award-winning B2B solutions. Digital inventory management driving sustainability for the food industry. A Nordic #FoodWaste Leader.

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